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SYSC326 assists clients to identify and retain staff who make a difference to financial crime risk management, enhance organisational performance, or to build robustness into a firm's financial crime compliance arrangements.

In new recruitment or succession planning, firms generally 'fish the same pool' when seeking staff to fill leadership and business-critical positions, for current vacancies or future requirements.

Succession planning considers existing and future requirements, both breadth and depth of skill needed to fulfil a role, plus requisite operational and managerial experience, and leadership capability.

SYSC326 supports clients with Executive Level and leadership selection for financial crime roles, covering 'Business-as-usual' and forward looking strategy.

Succession planning typically focuses on senior financial crime roles, such as, Global, Regional or UK Head of Financial Crime, Money Laundering Reporting Officer, Head of Loss Prevention, etc. 

Succession activity may involve identifying internal candidates for a 'Head of' role and/or strategic targeting of external candidates, who may offer broader industry awareness and experience. 

We assist clients to prepare Role profiles, Person Specifications and candidate 'subject matter' selection criteria.  We also support competency assessment as part of the selection process.

Internal promotion provides continuity and progression for talented staff - particularly when the retention of firm-specific knowledge or culture is beneficial to both employer and employee.

Encouraging loyalty and stability can reduce unwanted and disruptive attrition. Firms which prefer to develop and retain staff may offer career development paths for their future leadership roles.

We help clients with resource assessment, performance planning and effectiveness, to address immediate vacancies or build longer-term resilience and sustainability.

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