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SYSC326 assists client personnel to prepare for regulatory interview on financial crime risk, as part of a pre-approval process, routine interview, or a specific or thematic interview proposed to be held by a UK regulatory body, such as, the Financial Conduct Authority ('FCA') or HM Revenue & Customs ('HMRC').

Regulators rely on information obtained via interview of firms' personnel; including whether a particular individual is 'fit-and-proper' to hold (or continue holding) a key function/responsibility.

Regulators might expect interviewees to be ready to answer any question relevant to their role or remit in a firm. The level of detail readily known will be influenced by the size of the regulated firm.

SYSC326 helps interview candidates prepare for questions on their personal competence, capability and contribution to financial crime risk identification and response; and regulatory implications for firms.

The Senior Managers and Senior Insurance Managers Regimes drive high accountability on the Board and senior management in firms; including Money Laundering Reporting Officers.

Senior managers are subject to scrutiny, particularly when holding key senior positions within regulated firms. Senior Manager interviews are routinely held by regulators prior to granting approval.

We assist client personnel to: (i) prepare for regulatory interview; (ii) consider key financial crime risks; and (iii) maintain an open and transparent relationship with the regulator.

Regulators often seek assurance that firms and their staff are competent, risk-aware and have the appropriate controls in place to mitigate material or significant risks.

Senior managers should be able to demonstrate knowledge & understanding of their role, how they carry it out in the context of the respective firm's operating model and internal culture.

In a safe space we probe candidate awareness of financial crime and its relevance to (or impact on) regulatory objectives; designed to inform candidate preparations for regulatory interview.

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